Mindfulness Meditation Training Australia

Mindfulness Meditation Training delivers real world mindfulness – from the first hand successful experience of a self confessed burnt out business owner, recovered alcoholic and depression and anxiety survivor.

Hi, my name is Bren Murphy and my journey to mindfulness started at rock bottom as I rebuilt my life on solid mindful foundations. I learned humility firsthand as I fell from a successful business owner to the depths of alcoholic despair and slowly built my life again

What makes my take on Mindfulness Meditation Training refreshingly open and authentic is just that – I am a real person – complete with flaws and blemishes and a history dotted with moments I am not proud of. No, I am not a yoga teacher, or urban monk nor have I lived a decade in Nepal. I am not preaching from an ivory tower.

Who I am is the guy next door who confronted his mental health and found a workable everyday solution – and can share this story in an accessible and easy to follow method for others. In Australia we lose around 7 males per day from mental health – read suicide – and alongside kindness, mindfulness is the most brilliant, accessible self regulation strategy available.

I have created a scientifically proven complete Mindfulness Meditation Training package for workplaces and I deliver it personally in full day workshops or eight week courses.

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