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Welcome To Kindness Australia – the site is launching in March 2016!

Kindness Australia is about warmth and a connection with yourself, and with other people. Kindness Australia is a place to share the feeling and action of Kindness.

Kindness is an ideal starting point to answer to so many questions, and kindness is the antidote to so many personal challenges.

Kindness works like a kind of magic, bestowing upon both the giver and the recipient a special connection.  And as humans we are social animals after all, so everything comes down to connection and engagement.

Kindness creates a connection between two people who might otherwise have passed without interaction.  That’s why each opportunity for kindness is something to act upon and deliberately create kindness.  Once the moment for creating kindness has passed, the connection is lost.

We all treasure kindness moments in our life like they are rare jewels, as though we can only hold a handful of kindness at any one time.  What if that is not true – and instead we could carry bucket, or a wheelbarrow of kindness moments in our consciousness?  That’s the mindset I want to encourage at Kindness Australia – a place where abundance and gratitude exists alongside unlimited acts of kindness.

Kindness exists – it can be a way of life – a place we immerse ourselves in and grow from.

Let’s make this space that place.

Here’s What Kindness Offers

  • Kindness encourages Kindness  >
  • Kindness creates Connection and gives Purpose and Meaning  >
  • Kindness creates Awareness and Broadens our Horizons >
  • Kindness is an Opportunity in the present moment >
  • Kindness is Listening >
  • Kindness is Appreciation and Consideration of Others
  • Kindness is Helpful, Forgiving, Thankful, and Comforting
  • Kindness is not be Measurable, but it still Exists

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Kindness Begins With Self-Kindness

My self-talk used to be harsh, cruel and judgmental and I would spend my whole day reminding myself I was unworthy, inadequate and taking risks for no reward. It took a complete spiritual awakening for me to embrace a daily practice of self-kindness.  Once I nurtured self-kindness, and allowed myself to forgive and let go and release, it became easier to extend kindness to others.

Three years later, I am sharing with you – it is a gesture of vulnerability and openness and also a call to action.

There are two types of kindness,

Self Kindness is being mindful in your self-care and is essential to your survival – you practice self-kindness when you clothe and feed yourself, and maintain your appearance. Self kindness is respecting your body with good food, making time to exercise and limiting your intake of sugar, fats and alcohol. Self kindness is doing good rather than harm to yourself.

Kindness to Others is where you demonstrate your understanding of others and treat them with respect. It involves moving outside the confines of self and acting as part of a greater whole, for the good of the greater whole. Kindness to others involves compassion, generosity, and friendliness.

Evolving towards an enlightened self-awareness means we grasp the fact that acting with kindness towards others actually increases our own feeling of well being and happiness. And this is where the magic happens – by doing good for others, we are doing good for ourselves.


Kindness inspires you to think outside of yourself – and challenges the insular “me vs the world” mindset. Kindness reminds us that we are all part of the one greater whole. This isn’t new age feel good talk – it’s based on hard science.

Embracing Kindness is an energy.